About me

I know you might be amazed to see a simple girl like me on this website and wondering whether it is real or not! But believe me, I like sex and that’s the reason I am here as an independent escort in Mumbai. Well before selecting me for sex, you should know that I am not a usual call girl type of material and I like guys who love passionate sex and not just come and go types of quickies. I am not looking for too many customers, I want just a few of you but quality matters for me. Hence, if you feel that you fall in that category of escort girl lovers in Mumbai then only contact me through WhatsApp.
Secondly, as you all know after this coronavirus pandemic the whole world has changed a lot and the same is the case with the escort industry too. Hence, if you want to meet me I will first see that you have any corona symptoms or not by measuring your temperature, and if I found otherwise then I might say No to you. So, don’t feel bad about it. My health is my priority and that’s why I have to screen guys before having sex with them. You should also understand that as you are not meeting a cheap escort in Mumbai you will get someone who is totally disease free and you can freely kiss and suck anywhere on my body.

Also as I have a secured place in Mumbai where I live alone and no one else comes to check, I can offer you In-call as well here provided you are a decent guy and respect my privacy.